The Gallerist Speaks is a series of interviews with diverse gallery directors, curators and arts organizers from around the world.
We often hear about the artist behind the artwork, but what about the gallerists behind the galleries and organizations, working hard to make opportunities for artists possible in the first place? Here I give gallerists the opportunity to speak about their motivation, philosophy and method behind running a gallery, and the kinds of qualities they look for in artists.  
I hope this interview series provides illumination to both amateur and established artists, aspiring gallerists, art lovers, and anyone in between. -Editor 

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Zara Kand is the editor of The Gallerist Speaks. She is also an art writer, curator and painter based in southern California. She has experience on both ends of the art world, as both artist and gallerist. She has a passion for advocating the arts and introducing strange imagery into the world. Visit http://zarakand.com to learn more. 

To read some of her art writing visit https://artnowla.com/

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Miscommunication - Zara Kand

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