Sunday, March 7, 2021

Ruby Holland of Area Noir Gallery

Area Noir is a London based online gallery focusing on black and brown artists from around the globe 

Image credit Attabeira German

You are both a curator and multi disciplinary artist. When did you first recognize your passion for the arts?

I have always been interested in visual arts. I invested in my first piece of art when I was twenty but have always been passionately inspired by artists. Anyone who can express what is in their soul through art is of interest to me. I have been heavily involved with creative arts my whole life, creating visual content, directing music videos, writing and performing music, and designing jewelry.

Were there any specific events that led to your decision to support artists by launching Area Noir? 
Having worked in the creative arts for many years, I know first hand how important it is to have people championing for you, have doors open for you and a support voice to uplift you. I am in a time of my life where I want to be that voice -especially after the pandemic, the horrendous murder or George Floyd and the beautiful uprising, strength and togetherness of black and brown people internationally being the result. 

What are some of the benefits that artists might experience with your online gallery platform, as opposed to a traditional brick & mortar? 
You can access art and culture from anywhere, tune into these rich and colorful stories from the comfort of your home and imagine them in the flesh brightening your surroundings. In these crazy pandemic times we need to have feeling and culture all around us to remind us who we are. I feel art does that for me.

How do you discover the artists that you showcase? And are there certain qualities that you look for in artists in deciding whether they will be pleasurable to work with?
I scout and select anything I would put my own money to and have hanging on my wall at home. I scour the internet, take tips from friends and always approach artists as a fan of their work. 

What do you find most rewarding about the curation process?
I have always found my happiness from creating something from nothing, with my bare hands and an idea! I love curating this community more than anything. The most rewarding thing is I have a new family of likeminded, free spirited, courageous and talented artists all around the globe.

What are some of the challenges that you face? 
I have many ideas as to where I can take this platform as it grows so beautifully from the ground up. I often have to take a breath and slow down, telling myself to take it slow… 

Do you have any specific do’s and don’ts for artists looking to submit their work to you? 
Read the instructions carefully Don’t send too many pieces. Consistency in your style is great it gives personality and individuality. 

You feature other outlets on your website such as an arts blog and a project titled “Letter to my younger self”. What stemmed these outlets and what has the response been to them so far? 
I see Area Noir as a collective healing space. A platform to lift, share, heal and connect through art “Letter to my younger self” is a collective healing project where we can all share and learn from our own advice, much needed at this time.

Do you have future plans for Area Noir beyond what it is today? 
Yes, so many! But one thing at a time…

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